3 Challenges of implementing technology in care

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3 Challenges of implementing technology in care

The Learning Curve


If the progression of healthcare technology is to continue, it’s essential that there is ongoing education. Healthcare services frequently rely on paper systems and do not view technology as a priority. Therefore, learning how to use technology is often secondary to the delivery of care. It is clear that healthcare workers have busy schedules and so it is often difficult for them to learn the latest technology. Therefore, not having a clear understanding of new systems can mean errors happen frequently. This is why it is very important that the healthcare industry continues to embrace the new technology that is coming out.


The Cost


Is likely that the reluctance of healthcare organisations to embrace new technology could partly be due to cost. It is estimated that out of the millions of pounds spent on healthcare every year, only a small percentage of that is spent on medical devices. This small percentage may be insignificant to large trusts and organisations. However, for smaller services such as care homes, this can be a difficult and out of reach price to pay. So bringing new technology into these places is a challenge in itself.


How to keep up


The challenges and difficulties associated with moving with technological advances are many and varied. However, as listed above, the main challenges come from learning and cost. Ultimately for healthcare services, patient and service user care will always take priority over concerns about technology.

It is well-recognised and evidenced that the development of technology and digital systems is essential to care. However, it can also create difficulties and cause anxiety among healthcare employees.

Therefore it is crucial that administrators and leaders in the healthcare industry work hard to overcome these challenges so that all patients can benefit from the latest advances in medical technology.