5 Powerful HR System Features That Change The Way You Work

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5 Powerful HR System Features That Change The Way You Work

HR systems have notoriously been paper-based, and people have found the switch to electronic records somewhat difficult. There was a lot of anxiety about records being ‘lost’, the system potentially being too confusing, or perhaps just too costly. However, this has been slowly changing and new systems are being embraced.

Fight the Fear

Fortunately, this fear of change has subsided for many HR professionals. But why? Well, HR systems are much improved; they are far more user-friendly and cost-effective. They do this by making, what was once time-consuming processes, much simpler. The software systems make HR practices much easier by allowing access to management data at the push of a button. Therefore, this has considerably increased their popularity.

Pick the Right System for your Service

As with any software, not all systems are the same and may not be adequate for your service’s requirements. Therefore, you should ensure that the system you select meets your needs and is the best value. It is important that you check the functions of the system and ensure they incorporate what you need. Some functions to consider are:

  • Employee management — There is provision for all employee records to be held on the system. You don’t want multiple systems and records, which will ultimately be confusing and time-consuming. However, with an adequate software system, these records are easily and conveniently accessed whenever you need.
  • Supervisions — The system should have clear processes for recording supervisions and also prompting the user to complete supervisions at the required intervals.
  • Analytics and workflow — Rotas should be clear and accurate.
  • Training records — records must show clearly what training has been completed and what hasn’t. This allows for accurate planning.

Pandora Care Management Systems can provide all of these features and provide a complete HR system which meets all your needs.