Care Management System: Electronic Patient Records - EPR

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Care Management System: Electronic Patient Records - EPR

It’s more than going paperless with our care management system. Above all improving the quality of care and increasing data protection is essential with the help of our system’s electronic patient records. We can proudly admit that we have mastered the art of storing data in a secure way and making it easier for the user to find information easily.


How did we do it?

Our development team are all about planning processes and excellent implementations. We do not act like we know it all, but research is at the heart of our developments. We admittedly looked at other electronic records out there and listed the advantages and disadvantages. We held workshops and forum from the target user in the care home and hospital industries to understand how they store information and to find out to the core how we can improve everyday work life for our users.


What did we find out?

We found out people in the healthcare industry are all about delivering care at the best possible standards with the assistance of tools that make their workload effective. Now, we know there is a stigma we love to challenge and that is ‘’technology isn’t everything’’ and can be frowned upon in the healthcare industry. What we simply say to that is: you are correct! If the technology being used is not serving the purpose and in other words ‘’it doesn’t work’’. However, we know that healthcare professionals want to do their job effectively with no hustle. We believe we meet the requirements of what most have said which is ‘’I love it if it works’’.


Pandora Care – Electronic Patient Records (EPR)

Our care management system is built with a purpose to make your work life easier. There are various elements of patient care contained within the system. The system can be broken down as an EPR (Electronic Patient Record System). Within the EPR for Pandora are full patient files, which contain all records of a patient file required to meet CQC standards. This will eliminate the use of paper files within organisations and encourage the new ethos of many organisations to go “paperless.” Patients will have their own profiles replacing paper files where all information required will be accessible via desktop or tablet.

Lastly, IT WORKS! Book a demo and we will prove it.