Mental Health Awareness at Pandora

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Mental Health Awareness at Pandora

Mental Health is a hugely important subject and is quite rightly getting the coverage it needs in the media. People are being encouraged to talk openly about their emotional wellbeing and discuss it in the same ways that we discuss physical health. Without embarrassment, or stigma. Therefore, here at Pandora we encourage open discussions, and are always trying to find ways to help.


What is Mental Health?

Mental health is often called 'emotional health' and can affect different people in completely different ways. It can range from every day worries and stresses to serious long term conditions which require treatment.

An individual's mental health doesn't always stay the same, and certain life circumstances can cause a change. However, where some people may bounce back from difficulties, others may struggle to, and may need more support.


How can Pandora help?

At Pandora we completely recognise and support the importance of mental health awareness and are therefore involved in two ways.  Firstly we design systems that will help services help people who are struggling to cope. We do this by working closely with mental health services and providers. We listen to their requirements and needs, and endeavour to help improve the quality of care they provide to their service users. We are open to feedback, and understand that this feedback is essential for us to develop our systems.


Secondly, we are very aware of taking care of our own employees and ensuring they are supported if they are suffering with mental health issues. In the same way we would if they were suffering with a physical health problem. We encourage our own teams to come forward anytime and express any issues they may be facing and we will work with our employees to support them through such issues, ''Never assume anybody is okay'', Serhan Akman, Managing Director.