Mobile Care — The Future of Care

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Mobile Care — The Future of Care

These days we have apps for everything! Banking, shopping, fitness, travel, you name it, there’s an app for it! In some regards we all wouldn’t function without the apps on our phones and tablets. Healthcare is no different and the number of care apps for iOS & Android have doubled over the past few years. This means that there are numerous apps helping people to manage their healthcare needs, anywhere and anytime.


What is the healthcare software industry?


What is the reason for a growing market for healthcare software? Well, technology is always advancing and developments continually taking place — often it’s a struggle to keep up! Therefore it’s inevitable that the healthcare industry will follow suit. So, alongside all these developments in healthcare technology are the equivalent developments in mobile software.


What is Mobile Health?

Mobile health is the use of a variety of different mobile devices and technology so that people can manage their own healthy lifestyle and provide care for others. It provides convenience for people dealing with very hectic lifestyles, in the same way that mobile banking and apps for shopping do. Mobile health can be accessed any at any time, and pretty much at any place.


It is possible to divide the mobile healthcare market into two different areas:

  • Fitness: These are the apps that focus on fitness & healthy lifestyle. For example, apps for running, monitoring diet and weight, and even mobile exercise classes!
  • Medical: In this case, it’s not enough to just download the app and away you go! No, it’s often necessary to link it to the service or to the patient/carer to be able to provide the user with the necessary feedback.


Pandora Care is a perfect example of a Medical Mobile Healthcare Solution. It provides intuitive, cost-effective & reliable care through a mobile app.