We provide ongoing inclusive support

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We provide ongoing inclusive support

In a worse case scenario you've purchased your new care management system and it's amazing. But hang on, how do I find out how a new module works? what happens when I click this button? how do I get back to the page I was on before? Help!! All that money spent on all-singing, all-dancing new software, but money gone completely to waste if you can't use it.


Here at Pandora we want all of our customers and clients to get the best experience when using our care management software. Therefore, we have created a customer area where you can get support and see what's happening in the way of new updates and changes.


Live Updates

I'm sure you have experienced the following scenario at some point. You are busy typing away when all of the sudden the system has crashed. You have no idea what is happening and after a quick call to the helpline, find out they are doing an 'update'. Yeah, thanks for letting me know *sigh*.

This is exactly why Pandora want to keep you fully in the loop when it comes to planned updates and any necessary disruption, Therefore the customer area provides a live update area where you can see any scheduled updates.


Videos & 24/7 Chat

So, the system has been installed, and you've been show how to use it, but hang on? what did they say about how to create an incident form? Don't panic! We realise it's difficult to take everything on board in one go. So we have lots of extremely helpful videos which will take you through all aspects of the care management system step-by step. And if all that fails and you're still struggling, we have online help available, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We are always here to help!