Great Activities for people with a Learning Disability to enjoy!

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Great Activities for people with a Learning Disability to enjoy!

An exciting day out is a fantastic way for anyone to discover something different, meet people and learn something new. People with learning disabilities can be especially enriched by accessing exciting and varied environments. However, finding places and activities that are suitable, however, can sometimes be difficult.


Many people with learning disabilities can easily become overstimulated and overwhelmed, which will quickly ruin the experience for them. Therefore people who are providing support should ensure they are comfortable and that the activity won't cause anxiety or distress. 
Many venues across the country now recognise this need, and so numerous activities and locations can be found to help those with learning disabilities get out more.


Museums & Exhibitions


Trips to the museum can present a brilliant opportunity to learn about history, science and art. Most museums have at least basic degrees of access for visitors with physical disabilities. However, some go the extra mile and try to create environments that suit people with learning disabilities.


Theatre Shows


These days many theatres are more inclusive which means their productions can be enjoyed by everyone. Many people with learning disabilities often have sensory needs and find environments like this overwhelming. Therefore theatres often put on “relaxed performances” where some of the noise and excitement is reduced. The music is a little quieter, the house lights stay on and they avoid special effects such as strobe lighting.


Holidays & Day Trips 


A lot of people find holidays stressful, the rush of activity and the need to commit to activities can cause anxiety.  Those with learning disabilities have additional needs, and this can sometimes make something as simple as a weekend break to a different part of the country very difficult. However, there are companies who provide trips and experiences which are tailored towards people with additional needs.