How Technology is helping Care Home Occupancy Grow.

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How Technology is helping Care Home Occupancy Grow.

Gaining and maintaining a high number of residents is the key to running a successful care home. However, many factors affect occupancy and cause frequent challenges to keeping the numbers high. Which is why owners and managers of care homes are using technology to assist them. The technology provides better statistics and a clear insight into the care that is provided. It also offers the ability to share care information digitally with families.
Care Management Systems


The ability to access data on an electronic care management system helps demonstrate the quality of care being provided. Information is easily accessible, clear and concise. This is essential during inspections, and when families visit, possibly seeking some reassurance. Clear oversight and record-keeping using a digital system also mean that external professionals find it easier and less time consuming to review care or input into a resident’s care plan. All of this contributes to the smooth running of the service. By making their lives easier, care homes see a positive impact in their residency.


When choosing a care home for a family member, relatives will want assurance of its safety. Therefore it's inevitable that families will select a home which will provide the best quality of care for their family member. The ability to demonstrate quality assurance with a good care management system is essential to transparency. Therefore, having a reliable digital system will put services at the top of a potential client's list.

It's also worth considering a platform whereby family members can access not only care notes but a whole social network for sending photos and messages to keep in touch. This is a huge selling point as it helps put people’s minds at rest around the care their loved one receives, especially if the family do not live close by.