How you can help with caring for your elderly parents

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How you can help with caring for your elderly parents

Our parents raise us and do pretty much everything for us when we are young. Therefore it can come as a shock when they start to need care themselves. We know it will happen eventually, but it really can be hard to deal with when it does. It's difficult to see our parents, who have often been strong authority figures throughout our lives, in need of help. 


Be realistic about how you can help


When the time comes when you start to think about care for your parents, you'll have a lot of decisions to make. You must consider your circumstances as well as the circumstances of your parent. You must look realistically at what you will be able to do to help care for them.
Involve your parents in the discussion
You must make sure you consult with your parents when thinking about their care needs. They must be involved in the decision-making, as those decisions will affect them more than they affect you. Your parents will be the ones receiving care, and even if they are unwell or confused, they may be able to express their preferences. 


Don’t procrastinate the decision


You may have gradually become aware that your parent has been struggling for a little while. Or perhaps something sudden has happened, like a fall or an accident, that is making you consider their care needs in more depth now. Whatever has happened, when care is required for your parents, conversations need to happen and decisions must be made.


Be flexible and approach the topic with sensitivity


There could be a chance that your parent may resist your encouragement to get help. They have probably been independent for their whole adult lives and are not keen to give up that independence.
These are all things that need some thought before decisions are made.